Painting the exterior walls of your property can increase its aesthetic appeal as well as its value. The fresh coat also improves the protection of your walls from the elements. If you notice that the paint on the exterior walls of your property is looking worn-out, you may need to repaint. The following guide will help you select the best paint for your exterior walls.

Budget wisely

Premium paints are long-lasting but expensive. You do not want to repaint your walls every few years because you skimped the budget on quality paints. A few factors influence the cost of paint, including the size of the property and type of walls. The size of your property will determine the amount of paint you need. A textured wall will also determine the amount you need to purchase. Due to their surface, textured walls will require more paint than smooth walls.

The paint finish you choose will also influence the durability of your paint. Paint finishes also affect the aesthetic appeal of the exterior walls; hence, careful consideration is required in budgeting.

Put technology into use

If you do not know which type of colour combinations to use, you can employ the use of technology. Some décor stores can help you match the material of your home with the paint colours you desire. You can bring in the material of your home, whether it is the main foundation or the patio, and the store can match your material to the most suitable colours. This technology will allow you to visualise the finished look of your property after a new coat of paint.

Kerb appeal

While you have the right to choose the paint colours that suit your preferences, you should consider your home's kerb appeal. If the exterior paint of your home does not match the colour scheme of your neighbourhood, your house may stand out for the wrong reasons. You should consider the dominant colours in your neighbourhood and use that as a guide to choose your exterior paint colours.

Also, take the structure of your property into consideration. Different parts of the property will require different colour palettes. The colour palette you choose should, therefore, blend well with all the fixed elements outside your home. The landscape around your home should also influence your colour palette. If you have surrounding trees, you should consider green or brown paint to ensure it blends well with nature.

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