Whatever the shape and size of your home, there are things you can do to create the kind of space you want to live in. Painting the walls and ceilings of the rooms in your house is a huge part of this: light and colour have a strong effect on mood, and the overall aesthetic sense of a room can inform the way you live and work inside it. The good news is that you don't have to be (or hire) an interior designer to use this to your advantage! Here are a few basics you can discuss with your painting & decorating contractor that might make all the difference.

#1: Fixing strange angles and odd dimensions

If you're working with a room that seems either unusually narrow or particularly wide along one axis, differing paint colours can go a long way toward bringing it in. By using darker colours on walls you want to 'shorten' and lighter colours on walls you want to 'lengthen', you can easily keep a room from feeling like a corridor or thoroughfare. Dark colours will also mask a wall that was built at an angle, meaning that even if your corners aren't exactly 90° your room will look balanced and even.

#2: Highlighting key architectural features

If you have an ornate fireplace, a period window frame or any other key architectural elements you'd like to highlight, consider a feature wall on the side where they are. You can do this with wallpaper if you'd like patterns or designs; try having paint mixed to exactly match one of the colours from the paper across the rest of the room. You can also simply use a contrasting paint colour to bring out your favourite spots. This also works well in alcoves!

#3: Creating a sense of cosiness or space

Ceilings tend to be painted white or in other very light colours, as a way of making a room seem taller and creating a greater feeling of space and light inside it. If you want to enhance this even further, you can use vertical stripes on your walls. Sometimes, though, your priority is a sense of cosiness; a living room with very high ceilings can feel a bit grand and sweeping and lack the warmth you might want when curling up on the sofa to watch TV. Painting your ceiling a darker colour is a great way to bring it down a little.

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